Building Red Teamers the right way

Providing future Red Teamers with the right skills to accelerate their careers to a new level!


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Flexible Courses

Courses are flexible and can be taken at any time.

Beginner Friendly

All of our courses build upon each other and will teach each topic needed in the video. A beginner of any level can go through our courses!

Easy to Follow Videos

All videos are easy to follow and build on each other. This provides a solid foundation for learning core concepts and putting them into practice.


Access to the Instructor

All students will have lifetime access to the Student Private Group to connect with the instructor.

Business Interaction

You will not only learn the technical skills but also how to interact with different parts of the organization. This includes other teams as well as executives.

RedTeam Blueprint

The RedTeam Blueprint focuses on building from the ground up. You will learn everything from Operating Systems to Networking/Programming to Red Teaming and how it all wraps around the business.

Number of HD Videos

Number of Technical Subjects Covered

Number of Hands on Exercises

What Does The RedTeam Blueprint Do For You?

More Than Just Technical

Joining a Red Team in the Enterprise world takes more than just technical skills. The RedTeam Blueprint will provide you all aspects of technical and non technical skills needed to be effective in the real world of Enterprise Red Teaming. Everything from building a Red Team, handling executives and even team budgets.

Land Your Dream Job

The RedTeam Blueprint contains an entire module dedicated to helping you land the job you are aiming for! The Blueprint covers all aspects of building your own personal brand as well as how to pass the difficult Silicon Valley Interviews!

Real World Experience

You will get real world hands on experience with current industry used technologies, techniques and standards. This will provide you with the skills need to begin the jump into a Red Team career in an Enterprise environment with the most relevant skills!

Prepping Students For Certifications By Industry Leaders