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Ethel Harris - College Student

Great Course! Was able to land a few job offers after using some tips and tricks from here!

Jim Garrett - Offensive Security Engineer

Simply an amazing course! Before starting the RedTeam Blueprint I was fairly comfortable in my Offensive knowledge. After taking this course I found my weak areas and was able improved on them.

Because of this course I was able to move from a Security Engineer to an Offensive Security Engineer in my organizations Red Team.


  • What is Red Teaming?
    • A Red Team is a group inside of an organization that actively checks for security weaknesses in the organization. This team is also responsible for providing remediation steps and retesting of the issues found to ensure everything is resolved.
  • Are your Courses Beginner Friendly?
    • Yes they are! All of our courses build upon each other and you can start as a complete beginner!
  • Do I get hands on experience or am I just watching videos?
    • Almost every video in all of our courses have hand on exercises! Our entire course concept is making sure students are hands on as it provides the best learning retention. 
  • Why choose the RedTeam Blueprint?
    • The RedTeam Blueprint covers a wide range of topics to allow a student with limited IT knowledge to begin their career in Red Teaming.
    • We take a unique approach to IT Security Training in which we focus on not just Technical but the non Technical skills required in the Enterprise world of Red Teaming, such as managing a team, budget, building out internal programs and working with other teams effectively.
  • How can I cancel an active subscription?
    • You can cancel anytime by going to Account->Subscriptions and canceling. If you run into issues please Contact Us for any questions.
  • Is there any Refund Policy?
    • Unfortunately we have no Refund Policy. As these are digital goods the student has full access to view and or download the content once the membership subscription is active.
  • Is content updated and added regularly?
    • New content is always in the works and is added to the website regularly.
  • What payment options do you support?
    • We offer Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.
  • Is there a student forum or Facebook group available?
    • There is no Student Forum at this time but we do have a Student only Facebook Group! Professional membership provides lifetime access to the private Facebook group.
  • Is the instructor active on the Facebook group?
    • Yes! The instructor is active on this platform! 
  • What content will be covered in this course?
    • There is a wide area of topics that will be talked about and discussed in the RedTeam Blueprint. For more detailed information please check out our Why Enroll page.
  • Can I get 1 on 1 time with the instructor?
    • Currently 1 on 1 sessions are being developed! In the meantime the instructor can answer any questions or have a general chat over the Facebook group!
  • I have additional questions or ones that are not covered above.
    • Not a problem! Feel free to Contact Us at any time for further questions.